Jean Stepnoski (2 March 2011)
"Understanding Valerie and RITA Rules: Reply for Charmaine and Ola"

Dear Charmaine, Ola, and Doves,
      I check the posts at RITA. The administrator, Valerie, does things differently than is done here at five doves. Theirs is a members forum with user names. If some member posts something by a non member, I assume it either may or will be taken off very quickly. Ola,did you go to Valerie to inquire as to why your post was deleted? Are you a registered member there, Ola? She has a right to do delete the posts of non members, Ola. Otherwise members would post from non members who do not understand or agree to the rules and/or values Valerie has put into place, and to which she conforms as do each and all participants. I admire Valerie, it is not easy to be an administrator and moderator of a website and adhere to administrative rules and values. I have had feedback there to my postings at five doves. I have very much appreciated the responses by RITA members in the last 2 months, notably from CJ,  tommy, and Raul. However, the posts have been responses. Given the rules Valerie has chosen, that is fair and understandable.
      Ola, part of your response to Charmaine read as follows. "These are days in which those who speak up for a life of holiness and righteousness are branded as false teachers and heretics." This was just after you related that you posted at RITA, "and it was immediately removed." If you were not registered with Valerie as a member with a user name, do you or Charmaine understand that she applied the rules agreed to by the members? I hope this clarifies things for the better. The rules of Valerie and members at RITA are not the same as those rules by our beloved administrator, webmaster, moderator, and beloved friend and brother in Christ, John Tng. Please let us not pit ourselves against other brothers and sisters in Christ at another Christian forum. To assume that the rules are the same at RITA as at five doves is not correct.The access to posting, is different. May we continue to encourage each other as we eagerly await The Day of The Blessed Hope! I hope to meet you soon Charmaine, Ola, and each of the Doves!
With Love and Shalom,