Jean Stepnoski (14 March 2011)
"The Risen Son/ Rising Son and The Risen"

Dear Doves,
      Japan, The Land of the Rising Sun, is part of the Pacific Rim, the Ring of Fire. The word ring can remind us of wedding and wedding ring. The Ring of Fire includes the West Coast of the U.S.A. The recent powerful earthquake in Japan and the tsunami caused deaths and damages there and afar. Boats were damaged or destroyed in California, like in Santa Cruz.
      The Messiah/Christ is The Risen Son of The Most High One, Adonai/Abba Father. During the 70th Week of Daniel ahead, the eternally Risen Son will take back the title deed to Planet Earth, lost to Satan at The Fall of Adam and Eve. In stages, The Risen Son will reclaim it all. He will take back undisputed claim to the Ring of Fire and everywhere else. Our attention is directed in mourning, prayer, and economic help for those in The Land of the Rising Sun and its many suffering people. It is part of the world to witness the progressively greater unfolding of the authority of the eternally Risen Son, The Redeemer, The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords.
      Very soon, on The Day of The Blessed Hope, Paul has promised that " the trumpet shall sound and we shall be changed." The transformed will enter The Heaven of The Risen. Awaiting us is The Risen Son/Rising Son, who shall command us to Rise!
With Love and Shalom,