Jean Stepnoski (10 March 2011)
"A Midnight Hour?"

Dear Doves,
      FM has an interesting reply at on 3-9. He notes the anticipated conjunction of multiple planets on 3-15. One will be Planet X, which depending on its true size, is estimated to be 2 1/2 times the size of Jupiter. This would be 1331 times 2.5 or 3,275 times larger than this planet. It would be the size of 1000 moons.  He notes that it will be in between sun and earth at conjunction. Will this large heavenly body block sunlight going toward earth? If so, it could create an eerie darkness for every one of the 24 time zones on earth. EACH could experience THE DARKNESS of A MIDNIGHT HOUR? Few would know the reason. Matthew 25 mentions that the groom and groomsmen arrive at midnight. "But at midnight there was a cry." Will electro-magnetism dramatically change? What might happen to electronic devices, satellites, and telecommunications? The last transit was 3630 years ago. We have no data from the past to make estimations. Concerning projections, we are in the dark.
      The Master promises to come on a day "you think not." What if unexpected eerie darkness is lightened by the departure of millions of lights of those transformed in The Blessed Hope? Then, the great spiritual darkness would envelop. Such spiritual symbolism is uncanny. Nicole has noted that the current Spiritual Year began on Nisan 1 on 3-16-2010. What if that has been a 1 year Gregorian Calendar warning, which will expire on 3-15-2011? This would be the last day going to the first day and new beginnings. The Master promises to raise us up on the last day. This last day will be the day of double blessing, going from Tuesday to Wednesday for Israel, the traditional day for Jewish weddings in Israel. Is there A MIDNIGHT HOUR just before us? May we daily WATCH for The Light of the World!
With Love and Shalom,