Jan Mikael (9 March 2011)
"I remembered Pastor Matutis vision, - after reading Jerry Golden's dream/vision yesterday !"


It's time for us to prepare for the intervention from God,
let's look at, listen to and in obey follow Jesus our Lord,
Let's pray and give over our life, to the only one who can
save us - Jesus Christ, the truth, the way, the life !!!
Pastor Joh W. Matutis
God gave me a vision this morning, 07-11-2008.

I saw how, through a very small spark, a whole ammunition depot was blown up.  And the Lord said to me, “Write it down quickly and let all your friends know so they will be warned and not panic."

And this is what I saw:  It was a black, middle-sized bomb that was fired into the desert like a missile.  It looked like it was a maneuver, or a military exercise.

It was fired cluelessly; it did not meet its target, and looked like a false start.  It appeared as if the bomb exploded in the middle of the desert.  It had apparently missed its target and dropped off in the desert.  Alas, no one had any idea that right at that point in the desert, below the sand, a mighty armory was located, which had been secretly placed long before this time.

This small bomb, that had missed its target, now triggered an inferno.  The explosion from the stored bomb under the sand was no longer to be stopped.  Every minute brought about another greater and more severe explosion.  It refused to stop.  The smoke that resulted from these explosions caused darkness in the whole world.  The whole world was here, like a village.

All the people I saw were seriously affected, shocked and horrified.  They called out and screamed, “How could people be so crazy as to explode bombs here, even though they are for test purposes.”  It went blow after blow.

There was no one who could stop this catastrophe, or quench the fireNo one even had the ability to do so.  There arose a great and mighty cloud of smoke up to the sky, just like the eruption of a mighty volcano.

As I continued to look at this inferno, I saw on the floor, the map stretched from Egypt, Israel, Syria up till Pakistan, and in the middle was Saudi Arabia.  This was in my estimation, the location of the great armory that was blown up.  There was much sand and waste land all around.  The smoke and the desert sand from this inferno spread itself like wildfire over the whole world and brought about darkness even at bright midday.

The whole world panicked!
Even I woke up with a start, and asked myself what had happened.

The Lord said to me:  “Tell my children, they should not fear, because I the Lord
am with them.  I am still in control.”  I am to tell them this, “Do not break out in
panic, when this happens – soon.  It must happen in order that my coming be prepared for.”
In the same vein, the Lord showed me how all the great and mighty fled, each seeking a cave, or bunker in order to hide himself.  The world economy, every economic alliance collapsed like a pack of cards.  No one wanted to know anything about them anymore.  Everyone ran for his dear life.  Everything burnt.  There was panic and confusion everywhere.

As I continued to pray, the Lord said to me “but you my children, you belong to my family, all you who belong to my house, I will not allow you to find your graves with the godless.  I will come and catch away my own and save them.  You will see these dark clouds; you will experience the dull days without the sun, but they cannot harm you.

"I, the Lord, am your shield, your protection.  Just like I once protected my people Israel from the Angel of Death in Egypt, so will I protect all those that have my blood (the blood of Jesus) over themselves, or that are seen under the blood of Jesus.  You are my firstborn, whom I will protect and keep myself.

"Hold out, through whatever experiences you are going, as it will lead you to a deeper relationship with me.  It only strengthens your faith.  It brings you closer to me and makes you ready for the days of the shaking, and the day of visitation.  My children, the judgment must take place first, as the sins and godlessness of man have cried out to me in Heaven.  Never has man been so godless and unrighteous.  Their cups of transgression have become full and run over."

And thus says the Lord, “My people, the time has come for you to arise and raise your voices to warn the people against my great and terrible day of judgment, which is coming on people of the world.  The riches of this world will be destroyed, but my kingdom comes," says the Lord.  "You my child, believe and trust me, be faithful to me, serve me, so will you and your house be saved.  And fear not, you are inscribed upon the palm of my hands.  I am still with you in your boat, and I will bring you, and all the people with you, to safety on the other side (shore)," says the Lord.

Please, if possible, send this vision to all your friends.  Translate if necessary, and let your friends know, “it will take place soon.”  [bold/font style/color emphasis added throughout]


Pastor Joh W. Matutis
www.nnk-berlin.de  (see the english menu)

P. S.  I know that this vision is from God.  God speaks to me.  I’ll give you an example.  Before the eruption of the Yugoslavian conflict, God gave me an assignment one morning to take the next plane to Yugoslavia (Vinkowski) to deliver a God-given message to the church.  At first, I did not know exactly what I was supposed to tell them, but as I got there, God showed me that they were to buy up a nearby barn.  During the service, I took a collection for the purchase which money the brethren used to purchase the barn.  Shortly after that, the Yugoslavian war began.  An American bomb struck the church, as well as, the barn and destroyed it.  After the war, the American government, as compensation for this destruction built, at its expense, a beautiful church on the land on which had been the barn.  This is just one out of many examples.

So I am obeying the Lord and sending this vision to as many as possible.  I could also refer you to scriptures bordering on these revelations.  But you can all read that in your Bibles yourselves, in Revelations 11:15 -19:4 for example.