Jan Mikael (29 March 2011)
"IN THE SCHOOL OF GOD, by John W. Matutis !"

A good news for you
It is a message that the Lord gave me:

And here's a message for the moment:
Thus says the Lord:   I am painting your life's picture.

I Am putting the details of your life into it. I know how it best fits for you. I Am rounding things off and harmonize them.
Do not force anything. Let nothing stress you out.  My hand moves the brush, putting the right color
combination into your life.
I Am drawing you in profile.  I Am showing you how to live and walk in MY word.  I Am placing you in front of situations and challenges, helping you with the outcome.
Watch how I do it. Do not allow to let it bog you down.  Learn to filter-out the negative. Recognize  My ways of handling your challenges.
MY wonders are hidden within your problem. MY victories are hidden within your fights.
MY word has the answers to all your questions.
Study MY word.  Learn to know and understand Me even better through My written word.  Do not doubt My revelations. If they were My promises, they will also come to pass.
Were they not from Me, than I will hinder their fulfillment, for I only want your best.  Do not allow for people to manipulate you.   Prove the spirits. Stay steadfastly on My way.

Here are more prophetic words - that the Lord gave me:
Perhaps is there something  SPECIAL for you here.
Maybe it will give you strength and motivates you today.

I pray for You.
God bless You.
Pastor Joh .W.Matutis
www.nnk-berlin.de  (see english menu)

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