Jan Mikael (18 March 2011)


Dk, 18.o3.2o11, to readers of Five Doves !
back in 2006, someone send me this message,
who have helped me a lot through the years, and
I feel it's 'timeless' - so I want to share with you
readers. - In the love from Jesus, ybic, Jan Mikael !
                                        " YOU WILL OVERCOME ! "

>>> Now you stand at the bottom of the mountain, your shoulders are weary and your eyes are tired. Your arms hang limp. But soon, in a flash, in a moment that will come before you are aware, you will stand at the top of that mountain, your arms high in triumph, you will overcome.

Overcome. You will overcome. You will overcome the barbed wire that has been digging at your side. You will overcome the defeats that have hit you like raging bullets. You will overcome the pain that has taken root in your heart due to all you have lost. You will overcome the way of the world and stand pure and victorious. You shall run this race and you shall finish this race, for I shall put the wings on your feet, I shall send the breezes to push you on. Yes, you shall win this race and you will overcome.
You have looked to Me. Through the mist and the haze you have searched My heart and drank My word. This has kept you strong, even when you felt your bones would crumble to ashes and your throat would burst forth with fire, it was so parched. It was to Me you came, crawling, running,
crying, appealing.
In silence you came, in tears you came, on bended knees and with head hung low from the weary battles you came, always knocking, always seeking My will, always waiting upon Me. Now it is
the time to overcome. You have stood well child, even when you thought you lay flat with failure, you have done well.

You cannot fail, your eyes sought My heart, My word, I will not let you fall, I will not let a bone in your body break, I will sustain, I will feed, I will lead you over and through this time, and set you in a new time,  a new place,  a new season. <<<
Monday, January 30, 2006, 10:54 AM
(Prophetic-Word) - 'You Will Overcome'
by Jane Larsen !