Jana Miller (30 March 2011)
"Your Post Today"

Dear Ron,
Bless you ,Bless you brother!! For your post today,greeted me on 5 Doves,just as I was about to EMAIL YOU!!! I had just been wondering about what you were being shown presently,as I am very convinced of the same. Ron ,I believe that BO is exactly who you think he is.  I  have seen with my own eyes, in the Vatican museum,a mask for a king of Egypt that looked exactly like BO. It sent chills through me to look at it. The Vatican museum looks more like it should be called the Cairo museum. Not long ago the Lord drew me to Daniel 7 . Verse 8 hit me strongly that there has  NEVER been anyone who has risen to power and been elected to the highest office in the land with no personal or work history,nor anything that would give assurance of ability or character. Only oratory skills.He came to power by the words of his mouth. I would not be shocked if he does not shortly eliminate the borders of this country....plucking the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the USA ,in favor of world leadership.I am watching,like you ,and praying to be counted worthy to escape the trials that are soon to hit this nation. Please keep me in prayer and please pray for the salvation of my family. I believe the Lord is coming for "The Bride",soon. I have heard the word "soon",while in prayer.How ironic, that while the world is fixated on the wedding of William and Kate,that there is another wedding ,far more wonderful ,that is also being prepared,for a Bride that few will even comprehend. Perhaps the timing the British Royal Family's wedding  means something. Blessings,  Jana