Harvey Troyer (26 March 2011)
"Desert Storm War III is Now Imminent—Isaiah 21:9-10 to be Fulfilled Now (Article #4)"

March 26, 2011 

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Subj: Desert Storm War III is Now Imminent—Isaiah 21:9-10 to be Fulfilled Now (Article #4)


Isaiah 21—The  Desert Storm Wars Chapter

Key Points to Remember:

·       Jewish Rabbi Menachem Kohen states in his 2007 book, “Prophecies for the Era of Muslim Terror”, on pages 176-182 that God chose the name Desert Storms to describe these wars several thousand years ago; and, it (wars) is in the plural. (We are at two down and one to go any day now; hence, the Desert Storm War III title has been given by this author. Several major components of this chapter (Isaiah Chapter 21) remain unfulfilled after the first two campaigns.)

Prophecies For the Era of Muslim Terror


By Rabbi Menachem Kohen

Rabbi Kohen’s title for chapter 23 of his book is, “DESERT STORM: WHO REALLY SELECTED THE TERM?” Remember that Rabbi Kohen is a expert on the Hebrew Torah and this is what he says in the last paragraph of Page 177, Chap 23. 

As breathtaking as this might be – that Desert Storm was dubbed and predicted thousands of years ago – it becomes even more magnificent because the Almighty does not refer to one Desert Storm.  Take a look at the just-cited quote.  The Almighty refers to “Desert Storms” – the term is in the plural, meaning that there will be more than one Desert Storm…


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