Haroldo Maranhão (12 March 2011)
"Mark of Beast ready in Brazil!! Must see it..."

Dear John,
I have been following Doves web site for about three years, and it has been a great bless in my live to read and follow insights posted here.
You, John, are doing a great job.
God bless you!
The reason I am writing for first time is because of some photos I received and published at a Bible Prophecy Blog I run here in Brazil.
Even though it is written in portuguese, I am sure the photos speak by themselves...
They are about ATM facilities that are ready to scann palm hands for money and financial operations.
They are not working yet with this scann sistem, but since  are already installed at a supermarket plant, it is obvious that brazilian banks are ready to start working in a very short time with this tecnology.
I believe that even people who don´t speak portuguese will understand what is showed there.
I want to be clear yet, that it is not installed in a huge brazilian city, but a very small one, by the seashore in Sao Paulo state.  
I want to be more clear... a very small city in Brazil!
Ready for this technology!
If you find this information relevant, please publish at Doves site.
If not, you may use this information and photos, any way you think shoud be usefull.
God bless you.
God bless all brothers and sisters at Doves site.
Greetings and blessings from Brazil!
Waiting for the Rapture, day by day more than never,
Haroldo Maranhão
Welcome to the Doves, Haroldo!