Gordon Smith (2 March 2011)
"Re: Amanda -  Please read, again!"

Thank you for being honest!
Gordon Smith
Amanda (1 March 2011)
"Please read, again!"

    Hello again,
    I posted on how my alarm clock read 2011 but before it read that
I was dusting it off on the top pushing a bunch of buttons and then
looked down to read 2011 but I truly did not think my clock could do
that on its own.   Well today I checked just to make sure because I
posted about this and sure enough I pushed a bunch of buttons and the
year 2011 pops up along with todays date.  
    So, yes, I'm feeling really stupid to say the least but I had to
be honest with all of you because I do NOT want to pass on something
that is NOT from the Lord.  
    Yes, He is telling me by His Holy Spirit the timing (Spring, May
and "11") and yes He has woke me up and said "look at the clock to read
1:11 am) but unfortunately the alarm clock situation was my
fault...please forgive.  I felt so dumb and was so excited to post but I
was wrong.    With all this said I'm still looking this SPRING.   
    Love to you all and please forgive this sinner who is just
trying to listen for Him,