GM (8 March 2011)
"RE: Reuben, a message"

RE: Reuben, a message



There have been many horrible sins committed in the US and by the US government.  Also, Judgment does begin in the house of the Lord.  The US may qualify, as the evangelizer of the bulk of the world, having been founded in Christ by the earliest settlers.  And, a nation can be judged on the basis of its leaders.  I could even agree that the US is represented as Babylon in the Bible.


Having given, above, the support to your statements, I still cannot agree with what you have offered.  Your description lacks a perspective beyond the media/anti-US caricature.   Whether in the natural or spirit, clear exceptions can be illustrated.  Fundamentally, the majority of the nation is not reflected in its government or media.


Israel, even now, gives God greater reason for judgment, but God has never renounced his eternal covenant with them, and will soon complete it.


May God’s blessings fill you,