Gerry Almond (30 March 2011)
"Marilyn Agee...My Answer"

Regarding your question 3/29/11 about where the date of April 11/12 comes from:

Genesis 7 says that Noah and family were instructed to go into the ark 7 days before the rains came that began the destruction of the world of his day. He was in the ark exactly 365 days, thus 7 days plus 365 days = 372 days. From first day of the GREAT TRIB, 4/12/2012 counting back 372 days is 4/4/5/11. But because 2012 is a leap year, the date adjusts to 4/4/6/11. Seven days later is 4/12/13/2011 and 365 days later is 4/12/2012. I think the leap day may be one of the reasons that we cannot know the day or hour.

Apr 5/6/11-------------Apr 12/13/11-----------------------------------------------------Apr 11/12/12

I believe, because of the tricky leap day in 2012, the rapture may well be on April 6, 2011, could be as early as April 5 because Jerusalem time is ahead of us. I wrote a post today that sets forth a possible explanation of the 7 days.


Gerry Almond