Gerry Almond (29 March 2011)

These are just some (final??) thoughts.....

As it was in the days of Noah could mean 7 days warning from April 4/5, 2011 and  then 365 days inside the ark.  
As it was in the days of Lot could mean 7 days warning rom April 4/5, 2011 and then fiery sudden destruction.  
Since the five cities were not the whole world as in Noah's day, perhaps this refers to local destruction of say a
country? Abraham was not destroyed, and Abraham means Israel, so Israel will not be destroyed either at the time of
Lot's sign.

Since both of these "signs", I believe, are valid for us, it follows that both should somehow play out.  Already,
I have demonstrated in prior posts the possibility and now the probability that April 4/5 and 7 more
days to April 11/12 may well be the rapture sequence time.

Now think about this:

1.  I Thess 4:16-17 allows for two time words, these being "first" and "remain". Words have meaning
    and these words are no different.  The word first means primary, the word remain means to stay.  
    The Bible says that the dead in Christ will rise FIRST, that is primarily.  
2.  The Bible further says that we which are alive and REMAIN after the dead in Christ have risen will
    go in the clouds to meet them in the air.

3.  Now, the question I ask is how much time?  A split second, a second, a minute,  an hour, a day, days???

Now back to the two events which our taking out has been identified with, that is, the sign of Noah and
the sign of Lot.  

1.  Noah was given 7 days warning to come with his family into the ark. But we find in Genesis 7:7
    that Noah only entered the ark "because of the waters of the flood", that is as the water lapped at his
    feet.  Since there had never been rain before, the downpour had to be underway which immediately drove
    Noah into the ark. Obviously the time from the call into the ark until the onset of the downpour was the
    7 days.  What do you think Noah did during the 7 days?  Preach? Collect animals?

2.  Lot was told to leave the city of Sodom with his family.  He delayed leaving while entertaining the
    angels that God sent to get him and his family out.  In the meantime Abraham "bargained" for the fate
    of the population of the cities slated for destruction over a period of how long??... 7 days???.  I bet so.

Thus, it states that in the first instance, destruction was by water, and in the second, by (nuclear) fire.  
In each instance, the destruction was total for that area, the first, the world, and the second the cities.

Using the premise that the time words have meaning for our time, I am impressed with this thought.
The dead in Christ will rise first, 7 DAYS BEFORE THE LIVING ARE TAKEN.  The first fulfils the sign of
Noah, the second the sign of Lot. If it happens that we are changed at the time of the resurrection of the
dead in Christ,then perhaps we will be witnesses in our glorified bodies for a 7 day period in order to prepare
those remaining for witness during the time of the GREAT TRIBULATION, beginning just 365 days hence. If this
happens, we may be the inspiration for the building of the third temple in Jerusalem, the rapid rise of the
marking system, and the enslavement of mankind, preparing thusly for the mark of the beast.  

The rise of antichrist in person cannot be far behind, one year, when he will declare himself to be
God sitting in the temple of God. That date is confirmed to be 4/12/2012.  In the meantime the coming
events of the GREAT TRIBULATION WILL BE UNDERWAY.  Elenin, Tyche, Nibiru, Planet X or whatever.

These are my thoughts and may or may not happen, but of one thing I am certain.  That thing is this:

Israel's 70th week prophesied by Daniel the prophet began October 29/30, 2008, verified by the day
count from our time clock Israel,being recalled into history on 8/31/1897 by founder Theodor Herzel.  Add 120
years of 360 days each "as it was in the days of NOah" for a total day count of 43,200 days.  From 8/31/1897 to
12/7/2015 is the full count of these 43,200 days. No question about it. This means that the antichrist must rise
to start the GREAT TRIBULATION on April 12, 2012, at the time that something is in view of the world.

Maranatha and Glory to God in the Highest


Gerry Almond