Gerry Almond (22 March 2011)

March 21, 2011

March 14/15 is called the Ides of March
March 20/21 is commonly the Spring Equinox.  This year it also Super moon time.

From March 14/15, 2011 through April 4/5, 2011 there are 21 days.
From March 20/21, 2011 through April 11/12, 2011 there are 21 days.

In Daniel 10, a vision of both the resurrection and the rapture are seen in the Old Testament.  The heavenly messengers that came (Michael, the Archangel and the pre-incarnate Christ I believe), were DELAYED 21 FULL DAYS in their coming.  They were fiercely opposed by the satanic angel prince of Persia.

But, back to the days.  The sign of Noah includes a 7 day warning for him to enter the ark after which the rains were to begin.  Noah knew 7 days before the destruction that it was enroute.  We are told in Matthew 24 that as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.  May we not also expect a warning time? I think that is perfectly reasonable.  

I do know that when you take the gematria value of JESUS, which is 888 and add 7 days of warning time plus a year of 365 days in the ark to it, (the exact time Noah spent from warning to exiting the ark) you come up with the first ½ of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy, that is 1,260 days.  888 + 7 + 365 = 1,260.  As of now, the 888 days are almost over dating from October 29/30, 2008, so it is the 372 remaining days we need to look at now.

On a line they look like this:

M   T  W  T   F   S   S  M T  W  T    F   S  S   M  T  W   T  F S S MTWT F S  S  M  T



Time is clearly outlined here.  The day of the week is also correct for the Bride.  This has been discussed by others in posts on the website.

Noah’s time given by God was 120 years times 360 days per year for a total of 43,200 days from the call to build the ark, until the destruction.  

Modern Israel is God’s time clock.  I believe and have demonstrated that the days of Noah are being repeated in the day counts of modern Israel now!!

8/31/1897 Theodor Herzel’s opening of Palestine to 120 years later, i. e. 43,200 days is the start of the Kingdom Age according to the tetrads of eclipses and other data including Bible Codes.

8/31/1897 ----------43,200 days--------------12/7/2015 --- 1,000 year Kingdom Age
Herzel                                                           Last day            Millenial Kingdom

The ending date of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy plus the 75 days more given in chapter 12 of Daniel yields 12/7/2015.  Take from that 75 days back to 9/23/2015 and then further back 1,260 days and it gives the center date of 4/12/2012.  That is when the antichrist declares himself to be God.  The temple WILL be set up in whatever form in the next 386 days from today.  

365 days plus 7 days of the Noah sign or 372 days back from 4/12/2012 is 4/5/2011.
Get ready, your and my redemption draweth nigh.  ALL signs point to April 4/5 as the start of the “sign of Noah”.

My advice is to get ready for our redemption draweth nigh.  ALL signs point to it!!!!


Gerry Almond