Gerry Almond (18 March 2011)

Unless the world can get the nuclear reactor rods under control, it seems to me that we in the WORLD are facing the great sores of Revelation. Eventually, the winds will carry the deadly radiation to America...Whether we have earthquakes or not here, we certainly will have radiation.  But a U. S. earthquake that upsets nuclear power stations would have a horrible effect, wouldn't it?  It would guarantee around the world radiation if not controlled.  My hope as it always has been is in the rapture of the Bride as I do not believe that our GREAT SAVIOR will allow His Bride to experience that, do you???  Rapture appears to me and some others to be April 4/5 of this year, the exact end of 5770 on the Sacred Jewish Calendar.  April 5 is Nisan 1.

"Look us and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh".  Jesus Christ.

My thanks to B. G. Ellis and Ron Reese for helping me get the message out and for expanding on it so eloquently.


Gerry Almond