Geoff Bull (12 March 2011)
"CV Chuck Missler"

I read a comment that disparaged Dr. Missler's speculation concerning Nephilim and aliens. This PhD was quoted as saying that Dr. Missler's thoughts on the possible origins of "aliens" was complete nonsense. Please let me weigh in my two cents worth since I have a doctorate in the life sciences and an MS in Nuclear Engineering with post grad work in Electrical Engineering.

 I have at least attended Dr. Missler's lectures on the theory of subject mentioned and listened intently to his reasoning. Dr. Missler explained his argument in a cogent and well thought out manner. He listed and drew on others scientific work and findings before coming to his own conclusions. This is an acceptable scientific approach. One does not need to do original research in order to establish factual conclusions or theory. For example, Lise Meitner and Otto Frisch "discovered" fission simply by interpreting another scientist's experimental results correctly.

Therefore, I personally am open to Dr. Missler's thoughts on the subject and think it dangerous to tangentially dismiss it by saying its " nonsense."  It is similar to saying that the miracles of the Bible are rubbish and superstition.  Keep an open mind. Think on these things. The Spirit will lead you in all truth according to His good pleasure.

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Geoff Bull