Gary Newman (9 March 2011)
"Rene re Clark's show"

Hi Rene & called-out ones:

These people who attack Christianity are the ungodly, can we
really expect any different in these closing days? Yes we get
angry but remember the ungodly blasphemed Jesus when He
was on Earth, if they hated Him they will hate us also.
What we should remember is that blasphemy and hatred
toward our great loving God ripens the world for judgement
as grapes become ready for the winepress. Thus speeds our
gathering together in the clouds, so maybe we should thank them?
On second thoughts I think not, Haha!

We know
the blasphemy will get exponentially worse from the mouths
of NWO leaders and their foolish followers since they are from
below and go to their terrible fate. It is a righteous thing for God to
recompence those who trouble us with tribulation, and so their
desruction will begin for them as soon as we depart. They may
have a choice in their desperate need, to repent and go to the
guillotine if they are suddenly endued with wisdom to understand
Jesus is the only Saviour. If they survive to the end it probably means
they are married to satan by receiving the chip, in which case they
will be destroyed when Jesus returns with all His saints and flaming
angels to rid the Earth of all the wicked; not leaving them root nor branch.
But for us we fly away to our well beloved and precious Lord and Saviour
Jesus; abolute YIPEEEEEEEEE!!!!

I love you all!