Gary Newman (17 March 2011)
"Subduction zone"

Hi Doves:

I remember reading a post here recently of someone who had a dream, and interestingly in the
dream he heard the term subduction; a word he had not heard before and when he awoke he
had to look it up.

It would be great if that could be reposted. Suduction is the movement of the tectonic plates
with on sliding over (or under) another. The following is an excerpt text from the "What does it mean" site.

At 103 million square kilometers (64 million square miles), this report continues, the Pacific Plate is our World’s largest tectonic plate and the forces now being exerted by it on the Juan de Fuca Plate (located to the west of the North American Plate) due to the previous three disaster of Chile, New Zealand and Japan has brought what is called the Cascadia Subduction Zone to near “total failure” threatening the coastlines of Alaska, Western Canada and the Northwest region of the United States with catastrophic Megaquakes and tsunamis.

The article states that the US plate Juan de Fuca Plate is a "Subduction Zone" and the next due for realignment in the Pacific Ring of Fire, there is a map with the article shows the S Zones of the Pacific ROF.

I note from another post that David Wilkerson in his book "The Vision" saw a Japanese earthquake then a US earthquake.

Here is the link: