Gail (2 March 2011)
"Yafo Israel"

  The Tel Aviv District Police have agreed to allow a limited version of a planned Zionist march through Yafo (Jaffa) Wednesday.  Mar 2 2011

Last week-


Defense Minister Ehud Barak visited Beersheba Thursday – a day after a Grad rocket directly hit the southern city.

During Barak's visit, some residents expressed their protest with signs reading "Tel Aviv – you are next."




Where is Yafo?  Just south of Tel Aviv.  Will the Yafo march be a target of Hamas rocket fire?  Will Prime Minister Netanyahu retaliate?


Missile fired at IDF tank thwarted by Windbreaker shield 03-01-11


According to the Palestinians, IDF forces opened fire on the terror cell behind the RPG attack. Israeli warplanes and helicopters were seen circling above Khan Younis, sources in Gaza said.


Sure looks like things are escalating.


As I write this we are at a Kp Level 5 Geomagnetic storm.  Watch the news on the Yafo march Wednesday. 


If Wolrdwide condemnation from the UN ensues, we may have those 3 days of power outage(Scott's download from the Angel), and a snatching away of believers.


Close to Jennie's street sign post-


The Street sign showed  the month of MARCH.  The day was blurred, but I could see it was a single digit.  My feeling was  that it was March  5th or 6th.




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