Gail (17 March 2011)
"Planet Mercury Photos... is that the sign?"

Remember symbols in visions and dreams often represent something other than what is being shown.


The Rapture Vision of 1996
The coming events or warnings to happen just before the rapture takes place.


There is going to appear above the earth (in the sky) a strange object, it will be large and sphere shaped, like a ball. It will look like it’s been built in sections, like a football with huge rivets at the seams. Many will call this a UFO, I don’t know. It will have the color of copper or bronze. It will be on every TV around the world. People will be shocked like the World Trade Center. People will be glued to their TV’s but you don’t. The minute you see this, run to the closest food store and get enough canned food and bottled water for about three weeks, because between one and 24 hours after this object is seen world wide there is going to be a massive impact or collision on our sun’s surface. It is going to happen on our blind side, we can’t see it coming. It’s going to be a super size twin asteroid hitting the sun in a vital spot, releasing a major solar storm, knocking out all of earth’s electricity, all over the world. Those of you who read this will save yourself and your family much misery.


Now, this is what’s going to happen in the next 2 or 3 weeks, while the electricity is off. Within a few days the whole world will start to go crazy with hunger. The banks and ATM’s can’t work without electricity. No gas pumps for food transportation, no refrigeration, total darkness. The robbers, rapists, and murderers will see right away that no one can call the police for help, because the solar storm has burned up all communication satellites, cell phones and telephones. The law can’t even call each other. It’s going to be total breakdown in large cities. There will be gun shots and screams all night long. Millions will be behind locked doors, praying and begging for God’s mercy, for help and protection. He will answer millions of prayers. Millions will ask for forgiveness, and the Lord and his saints will perform millions of miracles during these three weeks.

Then after about 3 weeks of this, the Rapture will happen. Although there are different time zones around the world, the Lord showed it will be night here in Florida, USA


NASA 's MESSENGER spacecraft is to enter Planet Mercury's orbit on March 17 2011.


Excitement Builds as NASA Spacecraft Nears Mercury


A NASA probe that has been cruising through space for more than six years is poised to arrive at Mercury Thursday (March 17), and the excitement is building among scientists with each mile that brings the spacecraft closer to the rocky planet.

When NASA's Messenger probe arrives at Mercury, it will become the first spacecraft in history to orbit the solar system's innermost planet. Researchers have spent 15 years developing the mission, so the maneuver to fire its engine Thursday and enter orbit around Mercury will be a huge moment for the mission team, scientists said.


At 8:45 p.m. EDT Thursday (0045 GMT March 18), Messenger will fire its main thruster for about 15 minutes, slowing itself down enough to enter into orbit around Mercury. This operation will be the most complex one the refrigerator-size spacecraft has performed during its years in space, but the flybys and other maneuvers have helped prime the probe and its operators, scientists said.


The mission team should know by about 10 p.m. EDT Thursday (0200 GMT Friday) whether the orbital insertion maneuver worked, researchers said.


Does it coincide with the UN issuing an announcement for 'peace and safety/security'?


"We are deeply distressed by the fact that things are worsening on the ground, that the Gadhafi forces are moving forward extremely quickly, and that this council has not yet reacted," France's U.N. Ambassador Gerard Araud told reporters as he headed into the council's Tuesday meeting.


Obama and his top national security aides have been cautious with calls for a no-fly zone, which the Pentagon has described as a step tantamount to war. The U.S. fears it could further strain its already stretched military and entangle the country in an expensive and messy conflict.

Gadhafi son says revolt will be over in 48 hours.  March 16 2011

Asked about talks among world powers to impose a no-fly zone over Libya, Saif al-Islam said: "The military operations are finished. In 48 hours everything will be over. Our forces are close to Benghazi. Whatever decision is taken, it will be too late."

Gaddafi's forces pushed toward Benghazi, in eastern Libya, on Wednesday as diplomatic efforts to stop him appeared to lose momentum.


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