Gail (12 March 2011)
"Remembering a past vision"

Remember D.Daughtrey's vision of copper spherical object?
The vision had a pair of twin asteroids striking the Sun shortly after something impacts the copper disc.
The copper or bronze disc seen with what appears to be rivets on it, I think is the Planet Jupiter getting hit with another set of meteoroids or fireballs.(my assumption)

Why Jupiter?  Jewish teaching has it symbolically as the center of the menorah, and representing the Messiah King.


Between Jupiter and Mars is the asteroid belt

Jupiter will be passing highly eccentric planet Mercury.

Mercury (with an eccentricity of 0.2056) holds the title as the largest value among the planets of the Solar System.

Mercury will be closest to Jupiter on March 15 2011.

They're predicting NASA's messenger spacecraft entering orbit around March 17, St.Patricks day. 


Doe's something impact Planet Jupiter, similar to comet Shoemaker/Levy, sending twin asteroids into the Sun?

Your guess is as good as mine.

He did mention it would precede rapture, and he saw the number 21. 


God Bless,