Frank R Molver (24 March 2011)
"Mary's Japan update and the toughest man in Japan"

Great letter from Mary re spiritual condition of Japan and the amazing story of an American living there.
Reminds me of the bent cross of steel beams after 911.
No coincidence
I’ll never know why, but in one huge pile of debris I pulled out a broken wooden board you can see in a picture and painted on it in Japanese kanji was “Shu wa waga....” in English, “The Lord is my Way” including the unfinished kanji at the end. Japan just doesn’t have signs like that, let alone the one in a million chance of finding the broken piece in the piles and piles of devastation. I am convinced it is a message from God for the people of Japan.
I also saw a panoramic picture of many children inside a shelter of hundreds of people
There were all smiling as they carried younger kids on their backs
They used the tragedy to enjoy each others company
Here is an awesome article I found about the toughest man in Japan
The water from the tsunami did not recede for quite a while.
He was a surfer who swam out to his house through all the debris, dove down and rescued his wife
He then waded out up to his neck to his mothers apt and rescued his mother who was on the 2nd floor