Frank R Molver (23 March 2011)
"re Harvey, US Babylon, Illuminati Israel connection"

This is a topic many here agree and disagree with as in the letter by Dewey yesterday
I do not disregard the info you shared from the Alpha Omega letter
It is very well written and is a similar to much material shared here over the years
It is like many discussions here that people disagree on such as full vs partial rapture, once saved always saved etc.
One thing is clear, the US seems to have diminished and appears to be very vaguely mentioned in Revelations.
One can not deny the Illuminati influence and other occult and conspiracy organizations at work
Americans like many other modern day folks have become completely deceived
We would not have elected Barrack Hussein Obama after being attacked by Islamic radicals if we had any sense.
America will enter some very difficult days, perhaps this next large quake will be the precursor.