Frank R Molver (16 March 2011)
"more reasons for japan earthquake, tsunami "

Excellent letters yesterday about Japan
My wife, who is Japanese, asked me if this is God's judgment on Japan.
I think so, for several of the reasons posted yesterday.
However, Japan is only one of the countries who have come against Israel, but I am sure that is part of the reason.
I also believe these are the birth pangs, perhaps starting in Christchurch.
Japan is a beautiful country and easy to live in, notice that there is no looting.
But underneath the skin there are problems.
As noted, Japan has resisted the gospel and has been successful and affluent.
When Christ was first introduced in Japan in the 1600's there were many converts.
However Christianity was banned when they realized that Rome had another agenda.
So, ever since then it has been a very hard country to reach.
Buddhism and Shinto is a way of life and it is their tradition.
Death is ruled by the Buddhist monks in Japan.
So, to me, there is a foreboding sense of doom over Japan  because of the demonic spirits associated with Buddhism and Shinto.
At this time Sendai was written as 千代 (which literally means "a thousand generations"), because a temple with a thousand Buddha statues (千体, sentai?) used to be located in Aobayam! a. Masamune changed the kanji to 仙臺, which later became 仙台 (which is literally 'hermit/wizard platform/plateau' or more figuratively, "hermit on a platform/high ground"). The kanji was taken from a Chinese poem that praised a palace created by the Emperor Wen of Han China, comparing it to a mythical palace in the Kunlun Mountains. It is said that Masamune chose this kanji so that the castle would prosper as long as a mountain inhabited by an immortal hermit.
Japan, like the whole world, needs Jesus, looks like their money god has been struck a heavy blow.
May this free them from the false gods.