Frank R Molver (1 March 2011)
"Dewey re US Babylon and Duduman"

Dewey, you need to understand something. The US is going to be destroyed.
America's nationalism will not survive the NWO, I do not care what prophecy you seem to be comfortable with.
Obama will take down the republic, he was chosen, not elected.
You do not understand what I said about Duduman's prophecy about the pages left.
It has nothing to do with a time line that you can calculate, only the amount of people being saved until the book is closed
Many have left God, something the once saved always saved can not understand.
America is in trouble and real revival will only  come thru persecution.
The stuff that people claim to be revival now is nothing compared to what will come.
It will come with much pain.
David Wilkerson has a name he uses for the everything is going to be OK prophets.
He calls them pillow prophets, pleasant dreamers, that comes out of Jeremiah.