Fay (8 March 2011)
"Suzi re Prayer Request"

Hi John and Doves,
Suzi - your request was not odd at all. As a mother myself, I know how we want to protect our children from everything, including the seemingly small things.
I enjoy the Hal Lindsey report every week but this week's talk was particularly special. He have a wonderful, wonderful talk on Breaking the Faith barrier. I was blown away by his clever use of the breaking of the sound barrier as an example. It is only recently that I feel I have "broken the faith barrier". I recently had a particular problem which I didn't want to give details on but asked the Doves to pray about. As soon as I'd clicked the "send" button, I got down on my knees to pray. I had called in the "Big Guns" of the Doves prayers and I KNEW my prayer would be answered. As I was praying, something inside me gave a simple "click". Slotting nicely and quietly into place. I had broken the faith barrier. I was in that special place where I knew, with every ounce of my being, that I am being loved, guided, protected and kept by the LORD. Spiritually, mentally and physically. He had it all under control. I didn't have a clue just how He was going to sort it out but I knew He would. It was the first time, in my Christian life, where I prayed and then didn't promptly rely on my own so-called "wisdom" and human way of sorting it out. The LORD sorted it out all right. Not only did He untangle the web of human emotions involved but He set me free in the process. It was a business problem which was threatening to turn a bit ugly. I am still absorbing the miracle and wonder of it all.
Please watch the Hal Lindsey report and absorb the lesson. I did and a million stresses have left my normally worried shoulders.
God Bless you Suzi, and all Doves. Thank you for your prayers.