Fay (8 March 2011)
"Patty re Discernment"

Hi John and Doves,
Patty - thank you for your carefully thought out post. I read it several times, just to make sure I understood what you are trying to convey. We are both coming at this from very different viewpoints. Whilst I'm not American, I understand, only too well, just what it's like to have your beloved country sabotaged. Which is exactly what we see happening to America. In fact, some of today's posts (7th March) regarding Obama, made my blood run cold. We had evil enter Zimbabwe - under the guise of democracy and revolution - and we watched as the life blood was drained from a once thriving nation. We were forced to leave and come to the UK with less than £1,000. Not easy when you have four children!! We are way beyond that now, but I want you to know that I understand your fears - only too vividly.
I know nothing of the Rev. Jerry Falwell debacle you refer to so I cannot comment. I can only reiterate what I have said before; Glenn Beck's politics and his courage in taking on the political heavy weights, are to be admired and commended. Whilst he is very open about being a Mormon (he has no choice, really) he is also pushing a spiritual programme via his E4 mantra. I see his inclusion of evangelical Christians as unnecessary. They hold little political clout. The way I perceive it, as do many others, Glenn is attempting (and probably succeeding) to "normalise" the Mormon faith - visually and verbally placing it side by side with Bible believing Christianity. If he left the spiritual side out of it, there would be no argument or controversy. But he doesn't - he brings it in on a regular basis. That's when my hackles are activated. Particularly when he uses the LORD Jesus' precious Name in closing a talk. He has no right to use the LORD's precious Name, considering what the Mormon's have to say about their version of Jesus. It makes my blood boil.
As I asked before, we must agree to disagree. I love reading your posts and would prefer not to bang heads with you over this.