Fay (8 March 2011)

Hi John and Doves,
Mercer - I am fascinated by your articles and research. I can spend many an hour going over the details.
Whilst the facts regarding the British royals cannot be denied, I struggle to see how Prince William will emerge as a credible political leader - in spite of all the future extenuating circumstances. I'm not saying that it's NOT possible. Just that it's a bit of a stretch. The British royals do not get involved with politics - on the surface, anyway. They spend their time dodging various scandals and spend a great deal of time in fashionable London nightclubs! Saying that, the European royals have always taken a great deal of trouble, keeping their bloodline's as pure as they can. Hence - the "chinless wonder" moniker. Haha. So interbred. However, as much as this is amusing and slightly baffling - it now starts to make sense. Looking at it from the occultist perspective, of course. It has taken on a very sinister tone. William is very appealing - tall and nice looking, as well as inoffensive and non-threatening. A perfect candidate, really! Until joining the Doves, it never occurred to me to look to the British royals for a potential AC. They are merely figureheads. I guess that's why the "little horn" aspect becomes interesting. The AC will arise out of a VERY unexpected corner. His age this year (29) and the wedding date are huge pointers. This is weirdly fascinating.
Your timeline has brought forth some amazing Biblical prophecy pointers. Quite astonishing.
Thank you for all your hard work and research.