Fay (5 March 2011)
"Patty Hayes re Discernment"

Hi John and Doves,
Patty - There are a lot of people who read the Doves letters - probably more than we know. They are the one's who will benefit. I wouldn't dream of 'reminding' anyone of something they are only too keenly aware of.
There are a great many Christian ministers and teachers who are sounding the alarm bells over this as well. I am grateful that I'm not the only dissenting voice. I'll admit that I have tried to avoid the subject of Glenn Beck on this forum as it engenders very strong emotions. However, the link that I provided was the spur. I will not stand silent when the LORD Jesus' Name is being bandied about like so much charm candy.
Whilst I will decline your invitation to 'move on', I will ask that we agree to disagree and remain sisters in Christ.
God Bless