Fay (5 March 2011)

Hi John and Doves,
Myra - I wish we lived in the same country. It would be wonderful to meet you. I have noticed that there are a number of Doves who really suffer for being Watchmen. Their families make them feel as though they should be sectioned or something. I have to admit, I can often relate to my family's occasional bewilderment, for I was 'them' not so long ago. You and I are very fortunate because our family's love and respect us. Whilst I will get the odd 'rolling of the eyes - 'there she goes again' type thing, it is always done with great affection and lots of gentle teasing. I hold the ace though! Boy, will they be red-faced when it all comes to pass! If I've retold the parable of the Virgins with their oil topped up, once, I've retold it a dozen times. Haha. They do take cognizance though - I can see it in their eyes.
Myra - I was so terribly sad to learn that you have lost a child. What a painful, painful thing that must be. My closest friend lost her baby, not so long ago, to cancer. He was only a year old. So, whilst it hasn't happened to me, personally, I was very involved with young Oscar's short life and my darling friend's absolute agony. 6 years down the line, she has learned to live with it but she will never really get over the pain and loss. I read a wonderful book, a few years ago, that talked about death and how most of us tend to shelve it. Only thinking about it when we are forced to confront the issue. The author stressed the importance of 'shaking hands with death'. Acknowledging death properly enables us to live properly. Of course, our hope is very different. Saying that - since developing maturity and depth in my Christian faith, I don't believe that I am afraid of it. That's easy to say when one isn't actually staring death in the face, I'll admit!
 Many wonderful things happened after little Oscar died.
The abundance of birds, at his outdoor memorial service, was just one. There's a bird in Zimbabwe, called a Fish Eagle. Please Google a picture - they are so beautiful. They are majestic birds with a peculiar, haunting cry. Two of these magnificent birds circled overhead, sounding out their song. Much like my Heron, Fish Eagle normally stay close to large bodies of water. It was extremely unusual. At Oscar's actual funeral service, which was held in Harare (the capital) at the Anglican church, the amount of little, brightly colored birds in the hedges outside, were in their hundreds. I kid you not. Zimbabwe is way sub-tropical but birds, in these numbers, were - again - extremely unusual. They were so noisy, they drowned out the voice of the priest!
It's very easy to tell that you have a beautiful soul, Myra. I really do look forward to meeting you.