Fay (31 March 2011)
"Mercer & Michael Colunga"

Hi John and Doves,
Than you both for pointing out the solar/lunar mistake. Talking of solar eclipses - We were in Zimbabwe for the solar eclipse of 21st June, 2001. I don't know if any Doves have experienced, first hand, a total solar eclipse? It is weird. Seriously weird. It's not just the gob smacking wonder of the sun being eclipsed but the accompanying eeriness. The birds go silent. The earth goes silent. The wind seems to stop and the trees seem frozen in time. It gets cold very quickly. 83 days later, on 9/11 - the world changed. The LORD often sets my mind back to that year - trying to understand the connection between the eclipse in Zimbabwe, followed by the hideous atrocity of 9/11 in America. The only thing that keeps pushing itself forward is the A to Z aspect. Zimbabwe to America. It was an omen of something happening that would change everything for everybody on this earth.
Michael - please try and find the time to watch that Dispatches link. It is gut wrenchingly evil. When you realize that the oil companies manipulate who gets into power and where - see the devastation and degradation that they leave in their wake - the trail of destruction. It makes you feel quite, quite ill. This "beast" is running the world behind the scenes. Make no mistake - every single government is but a puppet. Big oil has manipulated it so that the UK economy would fall apart without BP. And we are not the only one's. This is why the Middle East is in 'self destruct' mode. They've been manipulated into it. They will make Israel the scapegoat or the sacrifice. Or attempt to!! Israel WILL be triumphant over the (soon to be) attack (the LORD says this is so) and, as a result, will be able to fully develop her own oil and gas finds. Leaving religion and anti-semitism behind - the oil companies will come after her. They want to annihilate any trace of true democracy or independent thought. Those countries just get in their way. They want dictatorships in place. Plain and simple. The chosen dictator is their man and he'll dance to their tune. If you watch this clip, you will see - very clearly - that the Beast rising up from the Sea are the big oil companies (the world's true movers and shakers)
I hope to find the time to research all the big oil companies. They are now raping the last frontier - the Arctic Circle.
Mercer - I am saying lots of prayers for your research. You are incredibly gifted and have been blessed with remarkable insight. I very much look forward to your (soon???) posts re Pentecost. Can I ask another favour (and add to your work load, as a result)? You come at a lot of your subjects from a Jewish perspective. This is where you leave me behind. I have not been educated in this as my mother was British. I want to understand the significancies and symbols.
May God Bless us all.
In Jesus' Beloved Name