Fay (3 March 2011)

Hi John and Doves,
I know we have been through this, at length, but I felt it important that we get things clear in our heads, regarding Scripture.
I came across this article, which I believe is vitally important to every Bible believing Christian. As Scripture tells us (often) the devil will come dressed as a wolf in sheep's clothing. Many may think they will be able to discern this proposed deception but, without true Bible knowledge, it is dangerously easy to be sucked into the lie. When Scripture tells us that the wolf (evil) will be disguised as a lamb, it's not saying that it'll be easy to discern. This is not some fake sheep costume, worn on stage for a pantomime. Nobody is fooled by that. The devil's disguise will be brilliant and subtle.
I have noticed Glenn Beck's forceful push to be recognized, and associated with, evangelical Christians. His well publicized private meeting with Billy Graham etc. There were 3 well known evangelical Christians on his programme the other day - all passionately endorsing Glenn Beck. It is all a deliberate (and brilliantly clever) move to gain the approval of the American people. As you will observe in the article (link above) Glenn Beck has not renounced his Mormon faith - on the contrary! One simply cannot be a Bible believing Christian AND a Mormon. Not possible. Their beliefs are downright bizarre.
It's very easy to recognize the enemy that is Islamic extremism. They are 'in your face' anti Christian, anti Jew, anti everything that is not Muslim. This particular enemy is putsy peasy to discern. The Bible takes time to warn us of subtle deception. So subtle, so whisperingly seductive, that even the elect are in danger of being deceived - if that were possible. The Bible is warning us of a different kind of danger - different to the obvious one we are all in a panic about. Whilst it's easy for me - a Bible believing Christian - to watch Glenn Beck and enjoy his politics (which are also pleasing to the ear) it's a land mine for those folk not armored with knowledge. I will continue to pray for Glenn Beck. He's a very likeable chap - but he is an enemy of our LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Our LORD'S precious name is being used in vain, to further the Mormon agenda. We should be outraged - not standing in a queue to endorse him.
God Bless
In Jesus' Beloved Name