Fay (29 March 2011)
"Gulf Oil Disaster"

Hi John and Doves,
This link is for a documentary programme called "Dispatches". This was shown on main stream TV, last night (Monday 28th March). Dispatches is famed for it's ground breaking (and whistle blowing) shows. Their research is second to none. I could not believe my ears or eyes when watching this particular show, last night. What's more - I cannot believe that this outrageous scandal is not all over the news. The scale of government corruption is absolutely breathtaking. We are all uncomfortably aware of political corruption but have never had the proof thrown in our faces like this. When the Lockerbie bomber was released from UK jail and sent back to Libya - it was a bit of stretch to believe this decision was reached on "humantiarian grounds". Still - one always feels the need to give the benefit of the doubt. Wait until you watch this programme!! It's an hour long but it's worth every second. Big oil companies call the shots in this world, Doves. They really do. They have every single government tucked, neatly, into their back pockets. It is my belief that this is the first stage of the tribulation proper. Evil in it's purest form. Please send this link to as many people as possible. The world has to start waking up.
Interesting to note that the explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, occurred on 20th April 2010.
God Bless