Fay (25 March 2011)
"Lauren-Day of Islam"

Hi John and Doves,
Lauren, your post:-  http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/march2011/lauren324.htm
This simply took my breath away. Ever since a Dove pointed out the *111* phenomenon this year, I have been pushed and pummeled by the LORD to try and make sense of it. Then I was told, by the LORD, that 'something' was going to happen on 22nd February 2011 (2.22) that would point to the Rapture. We all woke up to the destructive Christchurch earthquake that day. I received other signs that led me to exploring 55.5 etc., and nearly drove myself mad trying to make sense of all these triple digits! Your post has it all making SO much sense. I am in total agreement regarding your take on the 222nd day of the year. Mercer has been flagging this date up for a very long time - and she has wonderful, detailed research to back it all up. However, like you, I don't think this is a Rapture date. Your incredible, precise math has shown that it will be a day of destruction. A terrible, terrible day.
Harvey Troyer, BG Ellis and number of Doves are in agreement (as am I) re 4/5 March for a 'strong contender' Rapture date.. Nisan 1 (5th March) is 42 days since the Christchurch quake. We all know what *42* represents! Another Dove (I think it was Phil - sorry if I'm wrong) pointed out that 42 = 1 month and 11 days (111)
Be that as it may - your post was just wonderful and made so much precise sense. I just know that this is a vitally important message from our LORD.
May God Bless us All
In Jesus' Beloved Name