Fay (23 March 2011)
"Jean Stepnoski"

Hi John and Doves,
Jean - your post - http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/march2011/jeans322.htm . I don't know when Obama is going to get his comeuppance for his appalling behaviour but it WILL be soon. He's the most atrocious man. His ONLY redeeming factor is that he has exposed the whole system for what it really is. All pretence has been dropped. I understand that there are a lot of American Christians who still hold firm to the fundamental greatness of what America is supposed to be. It's really tough to acknowledge that America may be in for a massive downfall. I felt exactly the same way when our world was turned upside down in Zimbabwe and we were forced to leave and go to a (relatively) strange land. All your perceptions of your own reality are thrown into chaos. Everything that seemed stable, solid and permanent suddenly becomes like liquid sand, beneath your feet. Now - all sorts of spurious stories are emerging about the beloved (and famous) founding fathers of the USA. It's a LOT to stomach and absorb. Whether American Christians realise it or not - your world has been turned upside down. The absolute craving for a return to the status quo is overwhelming. Because that's where 'safety' lies. Be brave because it's only when you can stand outside of your own 'comfort zone' that you can see the wood for the trees. Things become so much clearer. Understand that this is an incredible learning curve that the LORD would never put you through, if it wasn't necessary.
I have no doubt that your wonderful forefathers (the Mayflower Compact) have an impact with the LORD. I cannot pretend to know anything about it. I hope you're all going to explain it properly to the international community, here on Doves.
God Bless you Jean. I do enjoy your posts - a great deal.