Fay (11 March 2011)
"Mercer 2"

Hi John and Doves,
Mercer - just a quick thought. Daniel's prophecy regarding an increase in knowledge etc. I don't believe this just pertains to the physical, scientific etc. I believe that knowledge regarding the supernatural will also be increased.
NOTHING is impossible with our LORD'S universe. With free will - the laws of physics (of which we humans know very little about - TIP of the ice-berg, so to speak) there is so very much that we simply cannot comprehend. Saying that, I think of the scripture regarding "Doubting Thomas". Happy are those who have NOT seen and still believe." It's a faith thing. The LORD would not lead you into researching something that was a load of "boo hockey". Take heart, Mercer. You're one of the pioneers!!
Another thought: I was watching a documentary where the scientist declared that "energy cannot be destroyed- it can only transform itself - or diminish". Our souls or "spirits" are energy. The law of Thermodynamics. My research proved a bit convoluted but it got me thinking about why Satan and his demons aren't just incinerated. Blasted away and cease to exist. There's a scientific reason. The LORD created the law of physics and, it seems, we are under this law for the foreseeable future. I'm not trying to be obtuse, but do you see, where scripture tells us that we are "under the law" that this could mean the law of physics - as well as the law of Moses? The non- believers go to an eternal "lake of hell fire" along with the demons etc. I've often thought that is a bit harsh. Then I thought, "Well, the Bible teaches that one sin is on a par with any other sin". It didn't satisfy. I mean - really - if I tell a porky pie ( rhyming slang for "lie") it sure is not the same as murdering a little child - surely?? If a normal, law abiding citizen just doesn't believe in Jesus - or is too lazy to give it much thought - are they on a par with pure evil?? These are rhetorical questions but, it kind of showed me (thermodynamics) that this is the price ALL non-believers pay. An eternity of hellfire along with demons (?) - because energy cannot be destroyed or nullified. Only transformed. It also explains why the devil will be released after 1,000 years (chained up) and then sent into an eternal lake of hell fire. I could never figure out just why the LORD just didn't annihilate the swine! Then I got to thinking that if we are "all under the law" then this means that the demons are guilty of transgressing the law of physics as well as the law of Moses. This, the demons did, under express instructions from the LORD, to SO not do.
Dan 8:23  And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.
This speaks of the occult to me. A "king" that breaks with the law of physics and indulges in ancient (and forbidden) wisdom. The "dark" side of the universe.
Any other Doves have any ideas? For it surely is a huge part of our trying to understand the LORD'S universe and what He is trying to tell us. Satan and his angels didn't limit themselves to fornication and reproduction with earth women - they indulged in breaking ALL of God's laws - including the laws of physics.