Fay (11 March 2011)

Hi John and Doves,
Mercer - the problem is that you are venturing into a very scary and under researched realm. We have been lied to, for so long, that our perspective has become extremely one dimensional. The world of the supernatural is forgotten once we outgrow fairy tales. Our childhood books (the Brothers Grimm etc.) were full of allusions to wicked witches, ghostly goblins, fiery dragons. There was probably a lot more truth in those "fairy tales" than the garbage of "history" we were taught at school and beyond. It's a source of constant amazement to me that people claim they don't believe in God. As scripture tells us - the evidence is all around us. Particularly in these days of fantastic documentaries regarding space and time. If a large majority of people cannot be induced to think outside of our earthly reality and find fascination with the stars and the universe - it's no surprise that the realm of the supernatural is scoffed at. Most of us, in the 1st world, have been educated with traditional foundational level teachings. Basic math, basic science, basic history, basic geography, language skills etc. Unless we are destined for the world of academia, we don't lurch much beyond that. The rest of our learning comes from the books we choose to read and life itself. Even academics are pretty one dimensional as they specialize in one subject. More and more Christians are now fully into learning about science - accessing the space weather websites and searching for signs in the sun, moon and stars. Most secular folk I know, couldn't even be bothered with that!! So - whilst we have our foundational education - we were never taught anything about the supernatural. Not only that, our Biblical learning left a lot to be desired. This has been so neglected and glossed over, I could weep. It's not so long ago that we would look askance at someone who claimed to have seen a UFO!! None of us think like that anymore.
You are investigating a realm that is the stuff of nightmares. This is where evil hatches and it has been able to with relative freedom. After all, only "nutters" believed in that sort of stuff. Nobody "in their right mind" would be taken seriously if they tried to broadcast their findings. Let's face it, Mercer - people still think that Bible believing Christians are slightly loopy! I'm sure you have read it, but I'm posting a link for the Book of Enoch.  KML posted some info on this book today. It's not only utterly fascinating but it makes a lot of scripture slot neatly into place. Infuriating that this book was kept out of the main body of the Bible:-
http://www.thepropheticyears.com/wordpress/the-book-of-enoch-and-bible-prophecy.html scroll down for the link at the bottom of the page.
Also fascinating is how many dead sea scrolls were found, in 1948, with numerous copies of this book. You are not only on the right track, Mercer - you are bang on target. "There are more things (mysteries) in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" Hamlet Scene V
Please don't stop with your valuable research, Mercer. I fully believe that the LORD is urging you to delve and expose the truth. Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Interesting how this scripture refers to "principalities". The Royals! Interesting, too, that they all seem to be related to USA presidents and/or their wives. The plot doth thicken, Mercer. If I find anything new, to aid with your research, I shall forward it on to you - post haste.