Elliot Hong (31 March 2011)
"Another Evidence for the Imminent Departure"

Dear Doves:
I was blessed again by the Jean Stepnoski's new post "Disobedience of Priests," and it reminded me
some thoughts I had on Feb.11, the day Mubarak resigned.  It was the first major sign in 2011 that the
whole world watched, and also was Adar 7, the day of Moses' birth and death.
I thought there must be important spiritual meanings and some understandings came up.
We all know Moses represents the Law, and after his death, a new leader, Joshua(representing Faith
and Obedience) led Israelites to conquer the Canaan.
However, Joshua and his people failed too to heed the warning of God as it is written in Joshua 23:11-13.
And this failure of disbelief and disbobedience is repeating even in the present time.
When the Chosen people rejected the Messiah, the redemption work for Israel was withheld, and the
Church Age began.  Now, before the Lord resumes the redemption work for Israel, the true born again
followers of Yeshua who are the obedient priests in the order of Melchizedek will be harvest so that the
Chosen people realize their failure and learn what went wrong.
Deuteronomy 34:7 indicates that Moses could live much longer, yet God called him home when he was
one hundred twenty years old.  Scholars make this verse a connection  to Genesis 6:3 and explain that it
indicates the completion of the redemption work by six thousand years which is 120 times of Jubilee.
There is no doubt to me this coming Jewish religious new year is for the redemption of the Chosen people,
and in my opinion, this is the evidence that our Blessed Hope will come true by April 4/5, and the Kingdom of
the Lord will begin in Heaven, then will be moved to Jerusalem when the Tribulation is over.
Amazingly, on Feb.11, another 7.0 earthquake occurred in Concepcion, Chile which was doubtlessly connected
to the 8.8 Concepcion quake.  To me, this sign along with the major event in Egypt and the message of Adar 7
are the confirmation from the Almighty that the birth of the priests in the order of Melchizedek will happen
before the new year for Israel begins.
Calvin wrote that 4/4 is 42(Advent)days from the Christchurch quake of Feb.21/22, and 444(Full Knowledge
Revealed) days from the Annular Eclipse of Jan.15 last year, and 4 means Door while 44 is Perdition.
Evidences are overwhelming!
See you soon,