Elliot Hong (26 March 2011)
"Purim, USA, 888 and the Departure"

Dear Doves:
As it's previously mentioned, it was the feast of Purim when US began to attack Iraq on March 19 in 2003,
and exactly 8 years later, US and the Allies began to attack Libya on March 19 in 2011, the feast of Purim.
What is the message God tells us through this pattern?
We all know that Purim is the feast celebrating the victory from the Haman's plot to eliminate the Chosen
people.  And since the story of Esther happened in Persia, it's a common understanding that the mad leader
of Iran, Ahmadinejad is the modern Haman.  But in a broad picture, the ultimate force attempting to eliminate
the Chosen people is the New World Order system and A/C, and US will play a leading role to form the system.
I believe this is the lesson God tries to teach us through the pattern, and why the Lord told Todd to read "Esther
chapter 3" 8 years ago.
As the situation of the Japan nuclear plant is getting worse, there is no question that the Japan quake was the
final turning point, and 8 days from it, US and the Allies began to attack Libya on the feast of Purim.  I have no
doubt in my mind that this incident will lead to the WW III eventually, since Russia, China and some Arab countries
are furious about this attack.
Thus it's logical to assume that 8 days from the Purim, the Catastrophe will occur in the States, and another 8 days
from it, the Blessed Hope will come true, as the principle of 888 is applied.  I'm not sure whether there will be another
Destruction at the same time of the Departure, but it's very possible something might happen with the 44th Presidency.
Like I mentioned in the previous post, the 4.4 LA quake at 4:04AM of Nisan 1 and the Resuurection(Firstfruits) day  
on 4/4 last year are the significant signs, and perhaps the indication from the Almighty that the Resurrection and
the Transformation would happen on this coming Adar II 29/Nisan 1, 4/4.  As we know, it's the principle of God to
wait until the last moment.
Again, I have no intention to set a date, only presenting the evidences and a possibility.
See you soon,