Elliot Hong (24 March 2011)
"A New Clue of Timing for the Blessed Hope"

Dear Doves:
As I mentioned in the previous letter, the Lord woke me up about 10 minutes before the 4.4
LA quake which occurred at 4:04AM of Nisan 1(3/16) last year.  So I knew it was the significant
sign, and later I found out the Resurrection(Firstfruits)day was also 4/4.
And I was surprised to find out this coming 4/4 is the last day of Adar II as well as the first day
of Nisan.  I thought this can't be a coincedence.
Then I'm amazed to find out it's 24 days(8+8+8) from the Japan quake to 4/3-4, and we all know
888 is the number of Jesus and the completion.
8 days from the Japan quake was the feast of Purim and the Supermoon, and we wished that the
Blessed Hope could come true on that day, but instead the attacking Libya happened.  I believe
this incident is a very significant sign because it could be a prelude of the WW III.
After I read the post of Mercer today, I confirmed through Google that the first day of attacking
Iraq, March 19 in 2003, was indeed the first day of Purim, and exactly 8 years later, the attacking
Libya occurred on March 19 in 2011, the first day of Purim.
And I believe it's the design of God that the 8.8 Concepcion quake occurred on the feast of Purim
and also Todd heard from the Lord to read "Esther chapter 3" 8 years ago.
There is no question God is applying the principle of the number 8 and 888 in this end time.
Therefore, it's natural to speculate that the next final catastrophe could happen 8 days from the
Purim and another 8 days later from it, the Blessed Hope could come true.
I know it's a common belief that the Departure will happen before or at the same time of the
Destruction, but even though the Catastrophe occurs before the Departure, I'm sure the Almighty
will protect the Brides supernaturally.
Let's assume that the Japan quake and the recent turmoil in the Arab countries including the Middle
East are the climax of the Birth Pang, and the final Catastrophe is the actual delivery, then as Jesus
was dedicated in the Temple on the 8th day from the the birth, the Brides should be dedicated in the
Temple of Heaven on the 8th day from the delivery.  It perfectly fits.
Again, I'm not setting a date, just presenting a possibility.
See you soon,