Elliot Hong (2 March 2011)
"Re: Jennie, My Vision"

Dear Jennie and Doves:
Your vision made me to keep thinking about it.
To me, the recent 6.3 Christchurch earthquake on Feb.21/22 and the 6.0 Concepcion earthquake
on Feb.27/28 are the definite signs from the Lord.
A question is how many days of warning should be applied from these quakes.
Since the ruling partners of the Lord will be emerged from the Church this time, it's my opinion that
12(Ruling) day warning should be applied from the Christchurch quake on Feb.21/22.
For the 6.0 Concepcion quake on Feb.27/28 which occurred exactly 1 year from the 8.8 quake, Calvin
interprets it as the 1 year probation in the parallel of the fruitless fig tree which is written in Luke 13:6-9.
If it's so, just like in the case of the Noah's flood, 7 day warning of judgment should be applied.
And both interpretations align with the Jennie's vision.
I'm not setting a date.
It's just my theory.
See you soon,