Elliot Hong (18 March 2011)
"A Significance of 777 Full Moons from May, 1948"

Dear Doves:
I'm sure many are amazed by the Robert Rose's post that 777 is God's number of Completion and
this coming Supermoon is the 777th Full Moon from May, 1948.  And we all know the Full moon
represents Harvest.
A question is what's the connection between the Independence of Israel and the Harvest of Church.
When Yeshua came, the privilege to marry God was given to the Chosen people first.  But when they
rejected their Groom, the privilege was turned over to Church.
It is written in Romans chapter 10-11, the remnants of the Chosen people will be saved by becoming
jealousy.  Many scholars insist that the prosperity of Church will make Jews to be envious.  To me,
it's absurd, since Jews control the wealth of the world.  It's got to be the spiritual jealousy.
Jews belive YAHWEH is their God only, and they have such a zeal and respect for their ancestors like
Moses, David...so on.  One of my favorite place in Jerusalem is the King David Castle, and whenever
I visit there, I can feel how much they love and respect David.
And as I mentioned before, during the Tribulation, many people's spiritual eyes will be opened including
Jews to see what's going on in the New Jerusalem.  And when Jews see the Brides of Yeshua enjoy all
the glory which they suppose to enjoy with YAHWEH and their ancestors in Heaven, they'll be angry and
jealousy, and ultimately repent that they rejected their Groom.
For this reason, the 777th Full Moon from the Independence of Israel is a significant proof to me for the
Harvest of Church, and it ties with the parallel of the fig tree as well as Rev.chapter 12 that a woman
(Israel) delivers a man child(the Bride).
See you soon,