Elliot Hong (17 March 2011)
"We Will Know In A Few Days"

Dear Doves:
I'm not sure whether or not this information was posted before, anyway I watched a video clip that the Institute
of Physics of the Earth in Moscow is warning a mega-quake of catastrophic proportions possibly in the New Madrid
fault around March 20.  Usually I'm skeptical about this sort of informations, but this time I couldn't ignore because
it's in the time frame of the 8th day from the Japan quake, the feast of Purim and the Supermoon.
And it reminded me the vision of Charity about the explosion in the Gulf and the earthquake in the New Madrid fault.
Could the earthquake of this vision be the same one the Russian Institute warns?
Could the explosion of this vision be the same one John Lawler prophesied?
If "in the top of it's phase" means the full moon, does it refer to this coming Supermoon?
Robert Rose wrote in his post that everyone knows 777 is God's number of Completion and Israel is God's time clock,
and 777 Full Moon from May, 1948 is this next Full moon/Equinox, which people are calling a "SUPER MOON".
Calvin figured out this coming Full moon is 55(Bride)weeks from the 8.8 Concepcion quake and 88 days from Dec.21,
last year which was the total Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice.
And I read some posts claiming that the Japan quake occurred because of the Government's policy against Israel and
some prophetic words predicting that the much bigger one will occur in the States soon after the Japan quake.
Let's pray it'll be the time for our Blessed Hope.  However, even though the big one occurs over the weekend, there is
a possibility that the Departure might follow little later.
Anyway, we will know in a few days.
See you soon,