Elliot Hong (14 March 2011)
"Be Ready for The Great Assembly"

Dear Doves:
As I watch more devastating images of the Japan quake over the weekend, I'm convinced that the Birth Pang
reached the climax.  In my opinion, it's very possible that the delivery could occur when the next big one comes.
And I read a post that the quake moved Japan coast 8 feet.  Indeed, the sign of the number 8 is overwhelming.
During the Tabernacles last year, I remember there were several good articles about the 8th Day which is for the
Great Assembly.  Could this principle of the 8th Day be applied to the 8th day from the Japan quake to the feast of
Purim?   If it's so, we can assume that the New Birth is about to occur soon, and the Brides will be gathered for the
Great Assembly.
According to John 8:1, after the last day of the Tabernacles, Jesus went unto the mount of Olives (Gethemane).
Gethemane was the place where Yeshua shared the intimate fellowship with the disciples and suffered the Agony
before He went to the Cross.
The word "Gethemane" is derived from the Hebrew "gat shemanim" which means "Oil Press", and I remember to
watch a documentary film how olives are crushed, pressed, milled and squeezed to produce oil.
The Scripture teaches that to die on the cross is the essential way to be one with Christ.
     "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me"  (Galatians 2:20)
And Apostle Paul protested "I die daily."
Especially, the idol of selfishness and pride must be removed.
I believe that the time is getting close for the Great Assembly, and the Holy Spirit urges to come to the garden of
Gethemane daily not only to share the intimate fellowship with the Lord, but also to die on the cross to be filled with oil.
In my opinion, the next big one will occur in the States, possibly in the New Madrid fault or the West coast.
Spiritually speaking, the New Madrid is more likely, because it symbolizes the separation as well as the punishment for
pressing to divide the God's holy land.
This letter is not a prophetic word, only presenting a possibility.
See you soon.
In Love of Yeshua,
P.S:  After I wrote this article, I made an amazing discovery which I didn't notice before.
        I quoted John 8:1 "Jesus went unto the mount of Olives," but for the context, this verse should
        belong to the chapter 7, not the chapter 8.
        Another word, the above verse should be combined with 7:53 rather than be separated as 8:1.
        Is this the divine design of the Almighty to hint the importance of the 8th day for the Great Assembly?
        If it's so, we should be really alert and ready for the 8th day from the Japan quake to be gathered
        before the Lord for the Great Assembly.