Elliot Hong (10 March 2011)
"Re: Nicole, 4.4 LA Earthquake on Nisan 1, 2010 & the Coming Purim"

Dear Nicole and Doves:
I woke up about 10 minutes before the 4.4 LA quake occurred at 4:04AM of 3/16, then learned
it was Nisan 1 and knew it was the Lord who woke me up to stress the importance of it.
Later, I found out that the Churva synagogue in Jerusalem was rededicated on 3/15 and the
prophecy of Rabbi Vilna(1720-1797) was fulfilled that the the beginning of the redemptive process
would commence upon the completion of the rebuilding of the Churva synagogue.
Thus, there is no question that Nisan 1, 2010 was the important day, and I agree with you that
from Nisan 1, 2010 to Nisan 1, 2011 is a year warning.  And it's a year of preparation for Israel
before the Daniel's 70th week begins.
The way things are developing now in the Middle East certainly makes us to think that the coming Purim
could be a very important time, and it happens to be the Supermoon day as well as the Spring Equinox,
since the feast of Purim is observed for two days.

I remember Todd's post last year about his precious testimony that he heard from the Lord three times
to read the Book of Esther, fasted for 3 days just like Esther seeking the understanding, and watched
closely the feast of Purim for 7 years.  This coming Purim is the 8th year since he heard from the Lord.
Last year, the feast of Purim was observed at the same time when the 8.8 Concepcion earthquake occurred.
We all know that the Concepcion quake and the number 8 represent "New Birth" or "New Beginning," so
it's definitely connected to the 8th year of Todd's testimony.
According to Calvin, when the 8.8 Concepcion earthquake occurred, the full moon was located at the Sickle
of Leo(Harvest), and the coming full moon will be at the same location as well.
After all, "in the top of it's phase" of the prophetic word John Lawler received could mean "the full moon."
I watched a video clip "Plans To Invade Israel Are Being Prepared! Here Comes Hezbollah," and it seems
that the story of Esther is repeating.
Puzzles fit together.
Let's pray the Blessed Hope will come true this time.

See you soon,