Edwina (15 March 2011)
"Message to Firecharger."

Dear Firecharger,
Firstly, I applaud your wonderful work on your u tube!!!
You sound as if your really growing in the Girfts of the Spirit.
You have hit on a very very important point! All the demons, millions of them are attatched and "open doors" into your soul.... by watching violent, war games witchcraft occult. All the eastern religions are bulging with these filthy demons. If you have a budda in your house then you get demons with them. The same with any other occult item.
Jesus is Lord! and is in control and we all, on Fire for Jesus Christians will grow more as these days get closer the the Rapture.
I myself have recebtly expereinced a shifting up a few gears and have started praying in tongues and getting Words of Knowlege! Very exciting indeed.
God Bless you my brother and keep up the good work!