Ed (30 March 2011)
"To Gerry Re: Noah"

Pertaining to your Noah Lot & Signs letter. Some agreement with what is there, but that is not the purpose of this writing.  You touched on a subject which really has been on my mind for awhile now and that is:  The dead in Christ rise FIRST, THEN, we which are alive...
I have been greatly wondering of late if there is a time difference in these obviously two separate events.
We know we which are alive are changed in a moment, in a twinkling.  But does that start immediately upon the dead rising?  Or, as you suggest, could there be as much as 7 days?  And, if they are two separated by time events, will we SEE or KNOW that the dead in Christ have risen?
I have no clue.  But I find it to be an interesting question.