Ed (25 March 2011)
"Why No America Judment Yet"

To All Doves:
Many have made comments about judgment on America.  Perhaps its over due, some query.  Perhaps it is.  However,  remember that God expressed to Abraham that if He had found as few as 10 righteous people in Sodom and Gomorrah, He would have spared them.  With that in mind, consider the following:
Last night (3/25/11) I went to the Perry Stone conference in Griffin, GA. (will be going through the rest of this weekend as well.)  Arriving 30 minutes early, parking spaces were already filled.  We were directed to the rear of the church where a few spaces remained.  30 minutes early.
As my wife and I made our way to the door, I looked at this tremendous parking area.  The church is designed to handle around 4000 people and their vehicles.  As I looked, that "still small voice" spoke.  "This is why."  was all He said.  Given that we have been discussing America, Babylon, Judugment, I knew exactly what the message was.
Here we have a Thursday night and thousands of people are coming into the house of God to hear His prophet.  Yes, in that crowd there were at least 10 righteous people.  Thursday night, middle of the week.  Everybody has their day to day cares, needs, responsibilities, yet they pull aside to hear God's word.  And will do so twice on Friday, twice again on Saturday, and Three times on Sunday.  Selah
America has its ills, no doubt, but while we turn our attention to illegal wars, drug users, profaners of the gospel, et al, God has His eye on His people.  God is aware of the multitude of Gospel that has left this country to be spread around the world.  This is still God's gentile nation, and He is not letting go of it without a fight.
Certainly, judgment is coming.  But for the sake of the righteous, for the sake of the gospel which is still being preached around the world originating from this country, God has stayed His hand.
All of which means we still have a small window of time to spread His word, and win souls for Him.
Just thought I'd mention it.