Ed (1 March 2011)
"About Strong Delusion"

I have been reading on Doves as of late about the "Strong Delusion" and what that might be.  I find it a strange topic to get on; however, since some are there, perhaps another thought is in order.
In November of 2010, a missile was launched off the coast of California.  Within a day it was written off by every media outlet and military voice, that it was a contrail from a scheduled jet airliner.  Seroiusly?  How easily did the masses just fall in line.  Okay, airplane, got it...what's for supper.  
This happens in every conversation I have with people about anything.  Animals always die.  There have always been earthquakes.  KJV is a myth translated so many times it has no real meaning left.  On and on the excuses go.  The entirety of the world they now live in is a delusion.  If Glenn Beck says its true, its automatically false, no further research needed.  Islam is not dangerous.  The overthrow of Egypt and the other Arab countries is good cause all they want is democracy, and democracy is good.  The Muslim Brotherhood has only the best interest of the countries in mind.  And on and on some more.
So, to which delusion does the finger get pointed?  The strong delusion?  Reality.  An absolute inability to see the reality that is the danger of this world at this time.  "It can't happen here".  Here being wherever they are.  that is the delusion.  Everything.