Dru (3 March 2011)
"Pole Shift March 15, 2011?"

Dear Doves,
This video warns of a possible pole shift in just 12 short days - on March 15, 2011, so I simply wanted to bring it to your attention:
Actually, this video is one of MANY that I found on the subject by Googling "pole shift March 15".
I am not saying that I think that a pole shift will in fact happen on this date, or that it will be devastating to Earth resulting in millions of people dying, etc; but I did want to bring this warning to everyone's attention so that you can decide for yourself what to do. And apparently there will be a planetary conjunction on March 15, so it's quite possible that there might be a pole shift, or simply an increase in earthquakes, volcanic activity, or perhaps some other earthshaking events. Time will certainly tell.
Come soon LORD Jesus! ...our hope is in Him :)